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The band would like to give special thanks to Jimmy Ienner, Jr. for his talent and expertise in producing our videos, and above all, his friendship.

"Free Man" from their debut CD "Crossroads". Ben Ribble on blues guitar ,"West Coast Songwriters Competition" blues song of the year , as heard on ABC's "One Life to Live". Video directed and edited by cinematographer Jimmy Ienner Jr. audio; Jeff MacAulay (c) 2002 T.Merando C.LeHenaff

"Little By Little" - Live. Filmed, directed and edited by Jimmy Ienner, Jr., audio; Jeff MacAulay

"Red Hot Woman", Live - from the Heading South CD. Video directed and edited, by cinematographer Jimmy Ienner, Jr., audio: Jeff MacAulay (c) 2008 T.Merando C.LeHenaff
Red Hot Woman, from the Album ...

"Crazy For Loving You", from their Heading South CD. Video by director, editor ,and cinematographer Jimmy Ienner, Jr. audio: John McCormick, C.LeHenaff, T. Merando (c) 2008 T.Merando C. LeHenaff

              "The Devils Got My Soul"
Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band - "Eugene" (Ace Frehley)
Frankie & the Knockouts, "Comeback"

Frankie & the Knockouts, "Sweetheart"

Frankie & the Knockouts, "Sweetheart"

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The Band would like to thank all the radio stations, review writers and especially the fans (here in the U.S. and world-wide) for their support.

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